Section 3: Compile the A72 Host Application - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English

After all the new AI Engine outputs are created, you can compile your host application by following the typical cross-compilation flow for the Cortex-A72. As you might notice, the host code is using XRT (Xilinx Run Time) as an API to talk to the AI Engine and PL kernels. Notice that in the linker that it is using the libraries: -ladf_api_xrt -lxrt_coreutil.

  1. Open sw/main.cpp and familiarize yourself with the contents. A benefit of the AXI Traffic Generators is the host code required is quite simple.

    mygraph_float<WIN_SAMPS>  graph_top;

    Note: XRT is used in the host application. This API layer is used to communicate with the programmable logic, specifically the PLIO kernels for reading and writing data. To understand how to use this API in an AI Engine application refer to the “Programming the PS Host Application”.

  2. Close the main.cpp, and run the command.

    make host

This won’t take very long.