Section 3: Launch the external process with AIEsim process - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

After completing section 2, once required scripts are generated, you can launch the external process as follows:

  • If already inside the Vivado project, once the project hierarchy is updated after adding the required sources as mentioned in section 2, you can run the simulation as folows:

Alt Text

Parallelly, you can run the aiesimulator on your Linux terminal using the following command.

aiesimulator --pkg-dir Work --profile

Once both external process and AIEsim process are launched, you can start seeing traffic propagating to and from the user RTL as per the following waveform:

Alt Text

  • If outside the Vivado project, once the export_sim directory is generated with required simulation scripts, you can traverse inside XSIM directory and run <top_module_name>.sh script to launch the RTL simulation. Also, parallelly launch the AIEsimulator process as already mentioned. The name of the simulator script is based on the name of the top module which is aie_wrapper in this tutorial. The <top_module_name>.sh script is generated for every simulator that can be used to launch the simulation process. You can find the simulator scripts generated in below path.


Update script line no. 72 to launch XSIM in GUI mode by adding --gui flag.

Go inside the desired simulator directory and trigger the simulator script ( to launch the simulation.

Also, update the generated cmd.tcl file (line no. 11) to run the simulation for desired timestamp or run all so that traffic can be analyzed. You can manually terminate the simulation once traffic is seen propagating between PL-AIE and you have analyzed the same.

When simulation is launched, you can see the traffic propagating to and from the user RTL.