Step 1 - Building ADF Graph - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The ADF graph has connections to the PL through the PLIO interfaces. These interfaces can have reference clocking either from the graph.cpp through the PLIO() constructor or through the --pl-freq. This will help with determining what kind of clock can be set on the PL kernels that are going to connect to the PLIO. Here you will set the reference frequency to be 200 MHz for all PLIO interfaces.

NOTE: If you do not specify the --pl-freq, it will be set to 1/4 the frequency of the AI Engine frequency.

v++ -c --mode aie --target=hw -include="$(XILINX_VITIS)/aietools/include" --include="./aie" --include="./data" --include="./aie/kernels" --include="./" --freqhz=200000000 --aie.workdir=./Work aie/graph.cpp
Flag Description
--target Target how the compiler will build the graph. Default is hw.
--include All the typical include files needed to build the graph.
--freqhz=200000000 Sets all PLIO reference frequencies (in MHz).
--aie.workdir The location of where the work directory will be created.