Step 1: Building the Design for VCK190 and Executing Power Targets - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English
[shell]% make all power TARGET=hw

This performs the following tasks:

  • Compiles the design targeting vck190.

  • Runs the vivado_xpe Makefile target under vitis/final which opens the compiled design in Vivado and runs report_power. The output of this step is system_power.xpe which is located in the vitis/final/build_hw/_x/link/vivado/vpl/prj folder.

  • Runs the vitis_xpe Makefile target under aie/m16_ssr8 which simulates the AI Engine portion of the design and produces a refined power estimate. The output of this step is m16_ssr8_app.xpe which is located in the aie/m16_ssr8/aiesim_xpe/ folder.