Step 2 Launch Hardware Emulator and Boot Petalinux - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2022.2 English

From terminal 1, setup tool path properly and issue this command to launch hardware emulator and boot up Petalinux.

./ -add-env ENABLE_RDWR_DEBUG=true -add-env RDWR_DEBUG_PORT=10100 -pid-file -no-reboot -forward-port 1440 1534

Command option explanation:

  1. -add-env RDWR_DEBUG_PORT=${aie_mem_sock_port}: Defines the port for communicating with the AI Engine domain. In the previous example, it is 10100.

  2. -forward-port ${linux_tcf_agent_port} 1534: Defines the port for the Linux TCF agent. In the previous example, it is 1440, which is the default.


  1. is generated properly when the project under debug is built and packaged with hardware emulator correctly. Update repository’s Makefile line 3 from “TARGET = hw” to “TARGET = hw_emu”.

  2. Previous command takes a few minutes to complete due to both hardware emulator and Petalinux are required to boot up properly.

  3. Wait until both hardware server and Petalinux boot up BEFORE moving to next steps.