Step 2. Build the Platform in the Vitis Software Platform - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2022.2 English
  1. Open the Vitis IDE and select a workspace.

  2. On the Welcome Page, select Create Platform Project or select File → New → Platform Project ….

  3. Set the platform project name to base_pfm_vck190 and click Next.

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  4. Use the XSA generated in the previous step and set the Operating System to aie_runtime and the Processor to ai_engine. Click Finish to create the platform project.

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  5. Then build the platform by clicking on the hammer icon.

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Note: If you modify the XSA file later, first right-click the platform project and select Update Hardware Specification and then rebuild the platform project.

  1. The generated platform can be found in base_pfm_vck190/export.

In this step, you created the platform starting with building the hardware platform in the Vivado Design Suite. Then you built the platform in the Vitis software platform, based on the exported XSA file.

In the next step, you will build an AI Engine application using this platform.

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