Step 2.3 Verify Run Result - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2022.2 English

Software emulator output files from design are located at ${PROJECT}/Emulation-SW/data. Verify the output files ${PROJECT}/Emulation-SW/data/dlbf_out[0-7].txt and ${PROJECT}/Emulation-SW/data/ulbf_out[0-3].txt against golden files ${PROJECT}/data/dlbf_gold[0-7].txt and ${PROJECT}/data/ulbf_gold[0-3].txt to ensure that the design’s I/O functionalities are correct. Vitis™ IDE supports compare with feature to compare two files, highlight two files to be compared then right click one of highlighted file and select compare with then each other. For example, Compare ${PROJECT}/data/ulbf_gold3.txt and ${PROJECT}/Emulation-SW/data/ulbf_out3.txt