Step 3 Launch Vitis IDE and XRT server - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

From terminal 2, setup tool path properly and issue this command to launch XRT server and Vitis IDE.

vitis -debug -flow embedded_accel -target hw_emu -exe ./host.exe -program-args ./a.xclbin -port 1440
xrt_server -I30000 -S -s tcp::4352

Command option explanation:

  1. vitis -debug: Launches the Vitis IDE in stand-alone debug mode.

  2. -flow embedded_accel: Specifies the embedded processor application acceleration flow.

  3. -target hw_emu: Indicates the target build being debugged.

  4. -exe ./ps_app: Indicates the PS application to run and debug.

  5. -program-args ${xcl_bin_dir}/binary_container_1.xclbin: Refers to the location of the xclbin file to be loaded as an argument to the executable.

  6. -port 1440: Specifies the ${linux_tcf_agent_port} as discussed previously.

  7. -I30000: Defines an idle timeout in seconds, in which the server will quit if there is no response.

  8. -S: Specifies print server properties in JSON format to stdout.

  9. -s tcp::${xrt_server_port}: Defines the agent listening protocol and port. it is 4352 in example, but can be any free port.

Expected result

Note: The previously listed step takes a couple of minutes to complete.