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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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  1. In the flow navigator, make sure simple_aie_application_system_project is selected and click on Build Binary Container under HARDWARE > LINK - binary_container_1. Click OK when asked to build the HLS components (mm2s and s2mm) The compilation process takes some time to finish. The underlying AI Engine application project, hardware kernel project, and hardware linking project are compiled one after another. The system should build successfully with no error.

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  2. You can open the generated the AMD Vivado™ project in <workspace>/simple_aie_application_system_project/build/hw/hw_link/binary_container_1/binary_container_1/vivado/vpl/prj/prj.xpr to take a look at the compilation result. You can see that the Vitis compiler added the two HLS IP (mm2s and s2mm) and connected them to the memory (NOC) and AI Engine IP.

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In the next step, you will create a processing system (PS) bare-metal application, and run the system with it.

Go to PS Application and Run

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