Step 5: Sync Scalar - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2023.1 English

This step demonstrates:

  • The Array RTP update for AI Engine kernels

  • Asynchronous read of array RTP for AI Engine kernels

  • C++ version of the Xilinx® Runtime (XRT) API to control PL kernels

  • C++ version of the XRT API to control graph execution

The example design is similar to Asynchronous Update of Scalar RTP for PL inside a Graph, and Array RTP Update for AI Engine Kernel, except that the AI Engine kernel has an asynchronous output, and the PL kernel inside the graph is pulled out of the graph. The example shows how to perform asynchronous reads of array RTP by the XRT API. The PL kernels and graph execution are controlled by the C++ version of the XRT API.

The system to be implemented is as follows:

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Note: The default working directory in this step is “step5”, unless explicitly specified otherwise.