Step 5.1. Event trace with XSDB flow - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2022.2 English

Launch hw_server from host computer that has physical connection to vck190 board.

Launch xsdb from your host computer that built your design:

%xsdb connect -url TCP:${COMPUTER NAME/IP}:3121
%xsdb ta
%xsdb ta 1
%xsdb source ${XILINX_VITIS}/scripts/vitis/util/aie_trace.tcl
%xsdb aietrace start -graphs dut -config-level functions_all_stalls -work-dir ./Work -link-summary ./bf_hw.xsa.link_summary -base-address 0x900000000 -depth 0x8000000


  1. -base-address 0x900000000 is the address that needs to avoid collision with your design.

  2. -depth 0x8000000 is the size of event trace file. Please adjust accordingly with your design size and amount of event trace data.

  3. -config-level specifies functions, functions_partial_stalls, or functions_all_stalls.