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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine

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2023.2 English

In this tutorial you learned the following:

  • How to compile PLIO and PL Kernels using v++ -c.

  • How to link the libadf.a, PLIO, and PL kernels to the xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1 platform.

  • How to use Vitis Analyzer to explore the various reports generated from compilation and emulation/simulation.

  • How to package your host code, and the generated xclbin and libadf.a into an SD card directory.

  • How to execute the design for software emulation.

  • How to execute the design for hardware emulation.

  • How to execute the design on the board.

To read more about the use of Vitis in the AI Engine flow see: UG1076: AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide: Integrating the Application Using the Vitis Tool Flow.