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2022.2 English

Define a top-level application file (fir_aie_graph.cpp in this design) specifies the top level port connectivity (the PLIO objects, which also have file names provided for simulation purposes). It then creates a platform object, connecting up the PLIO objects to it. It also creates an instance of the FirGraph graph, and connects the FilterChain to the platform’s IOs that contains an instance of the graph class and connects the graph to a simulation platform to provide file input and output:

PLIO *pldata_in  = new PLIO("DataIn",  plio_128_bits,"data/fir_input_128b.txt");
PLIO *pldata_out = new PLIO("DataOut", plio_128_bits,"data/fir_output_128b.txt");

simulation::platform<1,1>  platform(pldata_in, pldata_out);
FirGraph FilterChain;

connect<> net0(platform.src[0],;
connect<> net1(FilterChain.out, platform.sink[0]);