Vitis Analyzer Compile Summary - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

Vitis™ Analyzer is used to view the AI Engine compilation results. It highlights the state of compilation, display the graph solution in both the Graph and Array views, provides guidance around the kernel code, and allow you to open various reports produced by aiecompiler. Below is the graph.aiecompile_summary file generated by the aiecompiler, which is located in the Work directory.

To open the summary file, use the below command

vitis_analyzer ./Work/graph.aiecompile_summary

The Summary View displays compilation runtime, version of the compiler used, the platform targeted, kernels created, and the exact command-line used for the compilation.

Vitis Analyzer Compile Summary

  1. Click Kernel Guidance. This view provides a list of messages (INFO, Warning, Critical Warning) with various info to help with optimizing, or using best practices for kernel development. By default, INFO messages are hidden.

    Vitis Analyzer Kernel Guidance

  2. Click Mapping Analysis. This report provides detailed mapping information the aiecompiler generates for mapping the graph to the AI Engine.

    Vitis Analyzer Mapping Analysis

  3. Click DMA Analysis. This is a text report showing a summary of the DMA accesses from the graph.