Vitis Model Composer implementation - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

In the directory vitis_model_composer launch Vitis Model Composer with the comman model_composer. There are 2 designs in this directory:

  • SingleStreamSSR.slx

  • SingleStreamSSRwithPL.slx

The first one is the 4 phases SSR built in the AI Engine array using the AIE blockset of Vitis Model Composer. The design is fed from pure Simulink blocks and the result is diplayed in a scope to verify that the difference with the pure floating-point Simulink implementation is not too high. At the same time the signal is sent through a spectrumscope to verify the output spectrum.


The second design contains the previous design but, to show what would be a real hardware implementation,the input and the output of the AI Engine array are a Programmable logic design created with the HDL blockset:

  • Input:

    • The 32-bit 4 Gsps input sample rate is divided into 8 branches @500MHz to feed the PL as for a standard ADC.

    • These 8x 32-bit branches are recombined into 4x 64-bit phases and sent into FIFOs.

    • Actually there are 2 FIFOs per phase which contains exactly the same data to feed 2 branches that will be consumed on the AI Engine array side at different instants. Two consecutive rows of the array being oriented in opposite ways in hardware, even and odd rows do not consume the data at the same timestamps due to the fact that the latency since the first block of the cascade chains are different.

  • Output:

    • The FIFOs are there to resynchronize the various branches in order to get a clean, well ordered output signal

Before and after the PL we have the same source signal and sinks (scope and spectrumscope) to verify the functionality of the AI Engine+PL design.