Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine Development

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2023.1 English

The tutorials under the AI Engine Development help you learn how to target, develop, and deploy advanced algorithms using a Versal AI Engine array in conjunction with PL IP/kernels and software applications running on the embedded processors. In order to successfully deploy AI Engine applications in hardware, you need to be aware of the Vitis and AI Engine tools and flows.

  • Feature Tutorials highlight specific features and flows that help develop AI Engine applications.

  • Design Tutorials showcase the two major phases of AI Engine application development: architecting the application and developing the kernels. Both these phases are demonstrated in these tutorials.

Tutorials target the VCK190 board. The table below lists the tutorials available, and the features and flows showcased in all of these tutorials. The various columns correspond to specific features/flows supported in these tutorials and will help you identify tutorials that showcase specific flows and features that you are interested in.