fpmac, fpmsc, fpmac_abs, fpmsc_abs - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

For all these functions, there is one more argument compared to the fpmul function. This is the previous value of the accumulator.

vector<float,8> fpmac(vector<float,8> acc, vector<float,32> xbuf, int xstart, unsigned int xoffs, vector<float,8> zbuf, int zstart, unsigned int zoffs)

  • fpmac : multiply operands and add to the accumulator

  • fpmsc : multiply operands and subtract from the accumulator

  • fpmac_abs : multiply operands and add the absolute value to the accumulator

  • fpmsc_abs : multiply operands and subtract the absolute value from the accumulator

The two “abs” variants are available only for real arguments.