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2023.2 English

You can compile the host application by following the typical cross-compilation flow for the Cortex A72. To build the application, run the following command (default TARGET=hw_emu, GEMM_INSTS=1, GEMM_SIZE=32, ITER_CNT=1 and EN_TRACE=0):

make application


application: graph $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/$(APP_ELF)


	@rm -rf $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/app_control.o $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/gemm_aie_app.o $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/$(APP_ELF)
	$(CXX) $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/app_control.o $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/gemm_aie_app.o $(GCC_INC_LIB) $(GCC_LIB) -o $(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/$(APP_ELF)

See this page for XRT documentation. See this page for details of host application programming.

Switch Description
-O | Optimize. Optimizing compilation takes more time and a lot more memory for a large function. With -O, the compiler tries to reduce code size and execution time, without performing any of the optimizations that can take a great deal of compilation time.
-DXAIE_DEBUG Enable debug interface capabilities where certain core status, event status, or stack trace can be dumped out.
-D\<Pre-processor Macro String>=\<value> Pass pre-processor macro definitions to the cross-compiler.
-I \<dir> Add the directory dir to the list of directories to be searched for header files.
-o \<file> Place output in file <file>. This applies regardless of the output being produced, whether it be an executable file, an object file, an assembler file, or preprocessed C code.
--sysroot=\<dir> Use dir as the logical root directory for headers and libraries. For example, if the compiler normally searches for headers in /usr/include and libraries in /usr/lib, it instead searches dir/usr/include and dir/usr/lib. This is automatically set by the script.
-l\<library> Search the library named library when linking. The GeMM tutorial requires the adf_api_xrt and xrt_coreutil libraries.
-L \<dir> Add directory <dir> to the list of directories to be searched for -l.

The following is a description of the input sources compiled by the AI Engine compiler command.

Inputs Sources Description
$(HOST_APP_SRC_REPO)/gemm_aie_app.cpp Source application file for the gemm_aie_xrt.elf that will run on an A72 processor.
$(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/Work/ps/c_rts/aie_control_xrt.cpp This is the AI Engine control code generated implementing the graph APIs for the GeMM graph.

The following is a description of the output objects that results from executing the AI Engine compiler command with the above inputs and options.

Output Objects Description
$(BUILD_TARGET_DIR)/gemm_aie_xrt.elf The executable that will run on an A72 processor.
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