Configure the Pipeline Loops Threshold - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English
  1. In the Explorer view, right-click the project solution, or solution1, and select Solution Settings. This opens the Solution Settings dialog box.

  2. Select the General setting, and expand the config_compile setting as shown in the following figure.

    Config Compile

  3. In the Configuration Settings dialog box edit pipeline_loops to specify 6. This indicates that the tool should automatically unroll inner loops with six or fewer iterations. The default setting is 64.

  4. Click OK to add the config_compile command to limit the automatic loop pipelining as specified.

  5. From the toolbar, click C Synthesis to rerun the synthesis command and display the results.

    This configuration might be an acceptable response to II violations when the loops are not in the critical path of the design, or they represent a small problem relative to some larger problems that must be resolved. In other words, not all violations need to be resolved, and in some cases, not all violations can be resolved. They are simply artifacts of performance.