Create a New Solution - 2023.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Getting Started with Vitis and Vitis HLS

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2023.1 English

As described in Creating Additional Solutions in the Vitis HLS flow of the Vitis Unified Software Platform documentation (UG1416), you can create multiple solutions to let you pursue or explore different approaches to optimizing your design. Here you will create a new solution to explore the use of the DATAFLOW optimization.

  1. In the Explorer view, select the top-level project (dct_prj).

  2. Right-click and select New Solution.

    The Solution Wizard dialog box opens.

  3. Make the following selections:

    1. In the Solution Name field, enter DATAFLOW.

    2. In the Options section, make sure the Copy directives and constraints from solution check box is selected, and solution1 is selected.

    3. Leave all other settings as default, as shown in the following figure.

      New Solution

    4. To create the new solution, click Finish.

    TIP: When you create a new solution, it is set as the active solution that all of the simulation, synthesis, and other commands are directed towards. You can change the active solution by right-clicking a solution in the Explorer view and selecting Set Active Solution.