Locating the Reports and Summaries - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

If you look into the directory where you ran the application, you will notice that a few files were generated by the run:

  • vadd.xo.compile_summary: A summary report of the compiled kernel

  • vadd.xclbin.info: A text report of the device binary

  • vadd.xclbin.link_summary: A summary report of the linked device binary

  • xrt.run_summary: A summary report of the events of the application runtime

IMPORTANT: If you targeted the ZCU102 hardware, these files are stored on the SD card and must be copied back to your workstation to continue this lab. Refer to Running Emulation on an Embedded Processor Platform for more information.

The generation of these files and reports is controlled by runtime options located in the xrt.ini file. This tutorial contains a pre-existing xrt.ini file which enables the generation a timeline of execution, and the profile summary data, with the following content: