Part 5 : Visualizing Results and Analyzing Reports - 2022.2 English

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2022.2 English

Now that you have successfully built and run the vector-add example, now you can look at the results and reports generated along the way. This example is configured to generate build and run summaries for all three build targets (software emulation, hardware emulation and hardware). Any of these summary reports can be viewed and analyzed using the Vitis analyzer tool as described in Using the Vitis Analyzer.

The results will be different depending on the summary or report you open. The hardware run is fully accurate, hardware emulation is a cycle-approximate simulation, and software emulation should only be used for functional considerations. Also, since the U200 and ZCU102 cards have different characteristics, the results will be different between these two targets. View the results from the platform and build target that you want to analyze:

  • u200/sw_emu

  • u200/hw_emu

  • u200/hw

  • zcu102/sw_emu

  • zcu102/hw_emu

  • zcu102/hw

For this lab you will be opening and viewing results from the u200/hw_emu build and run.