Vitis Platform - 2022.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Getting Started

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2022.2 English

Version: 2022.2

Board: VCK190

In this module, we will get started with three steps to quickly create a platform and run applications to validate this platform based on VCK190 evaluation board in short.

This time we will utilize Versal extensible platform from the CED example, using pre-built Linux common image and createdts command to generate software components. And then create an embedded Versal acceleration platform. At last, leverage the Vector Addition example to validate this platform.

This is a quick start for Versal platform creation. If you have queries about some steps or settings or want to create a platform for customer’s board please refer to Versal Custom Platform Creation Tutorial. Besides if you need to customize the Linux system image you can refer to the PetaLinux customization page for reference.