2.2: Compile PL Kernels to Generate the .xo File - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Command to execute 2.2:

You are using three PL kernels. In this step, generate the XO files for all three kernels.

  1. Generate the kernel, mm2s.xo.

    v++ -c -k mm2s -f ./vivado_impl/flat_wa.xsa -s -o mm2s.xo ./pl_kernels/mm2s.cpp 
  2. Generate the kernel, polar_clip.xo.

    v++ -c -k polar_clip -f ./vivado_impl/flat_wa.xsa -s -o polar_clip.xo ./pl_kernels/polar_clip.cpp
  3. Generate the kernel, s2mm.xo.

    v++ -c -k s2mm -f ./vivado_impl/flat_wa.xsa -s -o s2mm.xo ./pl_kernels/s2mm.cpp


    All three XOs can be generated using the make command:

    make xos

    Output: The generated .xo files are located in the directory pl_kernels\mm2s.xo, pl_kernels\polar_clip.xo, and pl_kernels\s2mm.xo.