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Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2023.1 English
  1. Launch Emulator for PS

    • Click menu Xilinx -> Start/Stop Emulator

    • Select Project: plaie_system, Configuration: Emulation-HW

    • Click Start

    • There will be prints on Emulation Console.

    • Wait for it to boot Linux. The wait window will disappear after it detects Linux boot successfully.

  2. Launch PL and AIE emulation

    • Right click plaie_system, select Run as -> Run Configurations

    • Select plaie_system-Launch

    • Click Run

    Emulation Result of PLAIE Project

  3. Stop Emulator

    • Click menu Xilinx -> Start/Stop Emulator

    • Click Stop button

What Just Happened?

Vitis runs PS emulation in QEMU, PL and AIE emulation in XSIM. They can communicate with each other. When running the emulation, Vitis downloads executable and xclbin to Remote Working Directory and launch it.

Congratulations now you’ve created a custom platform that PL acceleration kernel and AIE applications can work on it.

In next chapter, we’ll list some frequently encountered problems and frequently asked questions. Please take a look if you’d like to understand more of platform creation.

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