PetaLinux Building and System Customization - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2023.2 English

Version: PetaLinux 2023.2

This module demonstrates platform software components customization. Use the PetaLinux tools to create the Linux image and sysroot with XRT support, together with some more advanced tweaks. Among all the customizations, the XRT installation and ZOCL device tree setup are mandatory. Other customizations are optional. The customization purposes are explained and you can pick your desired customization.

Yocto or third-party Linux development tools can also be used as long as they produce the same Linux output products as PetaLinux.

As XSA file is the mandatory input for Petalinux project. Users can input XSA file exported from your Vivado project. This time we will leverage ready-made base platform from Xilinx website download center and take zcu104 base platform as an example to show how to do system customization. Of course, you can download other platforms from that page according to your requirement.