Prepare the Common Images - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2023.2 English
  1. Download the common image from website download page..

  2. Navigate to the WorkSpace folder that you created in step1 and place the image package in WorkSpace folder.

    cd WorkSpace
    tree -L 1     # to see the directory hierarchy
    ├── xilinx-zynqmp-common-v2023.2.tar.gz
    └── zcu104_custom_platform
  3. Extract the common image.

    Please follow steps below to extract the common image.

    cd WorkSpace
    tar xvf xilinx-zynqmp-common-v2023.2.tar.gz -C .

You can see the xilinx-zynqmp-common-v2023.2 folder which contains some components located in the WorkSpace folder as shown below:

   tree -L 2
   ├── xilinx-zynqmp-common-v2023.2
   │   ├── bl31.elf
   │   ├── boot.scr
   │   ├── Image
   │   ├── README.txt
   │   ├── rootfs.ext4
   │   ├── rootfs.manifest
   │   ├── rootfs.tar.gz
   │   ├──
   │   └── u-boot.elf

From the above directory structure, you can see that the boot file, kernel image, rootfs, and SDK tool are ready. DTB and first stage boot related files are not available. Among them, the PMU (Platform Management Unit) firmware FSBL (First Stage Boot Loader) can be generated by enabling the Generate Boot artifacts option during the platform creation process. In the subsequent step, we will focus on preparing the DTB file.