Step 4: Changes Related to Vivado Design Only - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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2023.2 English

Review of the VMA section can be done here. The BDC shows which kernels are used in the Vitis region and connections. You can review the PL-AIE connection also as per the design requirement. In this step, you are free to do all design analysis and modification as done before in Vivado. Refer to UG1393 to understand the design guidelines and limitations under the section “Vitis Export Flow Guidelines and Limitations”.

NOTE: Any changes related to imported VMA BDC can only be done through Vitis. It is read-only. To perform any changes in Vivado, ensure that latest VMA is imported into Vivado.

To progress the Vivado changes, you need to ensure that the changes should be done after importing the latest VMA only. If you do the changes in Vivado after the XSA is exported and before importing the VMA, changes will be lost.