1.2 Hardware Setup

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • Connect 12V Power (JS2) to (O)
  • Connect Ethernet (D) to PC
  • Connect DisplayPort (E) to Monitor (needed only for Ubuntu based demos)
Note: Ubuntu based demos can be run from terminals without a Monitor, but it is much better with one.
  • Connect Micro USB (UART) (J83) (F) to PC
  • For ZCU102, connect Micro USB (UART) (J96) (C) to Micro USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • For ZCU106, connect USB (UART) (J96) (C) to USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • For ZCU102, set the USB Mode Jumpers (J109, J110, J112, J113) (B)
  • For ZCU106, set the USB Mode Jumpers (J110, J112) (B)
  • Set the Boot Mode Switch (SW6) (G) 1-4 On-Off-Off-Off (Note: For ES1 Silicon, this is 1-4 Off-On-Off-On)
  • Insert the SD card (H)
  • Power On/Cycle the Evaluation Board (SW1) (N) and confirm that the INIT_B LED is green.