3 Prerequisites

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • Windows PC with about 40GB free
  • 4K Monitor with Display Port Interface (needed only for Ubuntu based demos) (see Xilinx recommended list) Note: HDMI can be substituted for 2017.1, but XaoS Mandelbrot will not display.
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse (needed only for Ubuntu based demos)
  • Micro USB to USB hub (needed only for Ubuntu based demos)
  • Internet Access
  • Evaluation board (e.g. ZCU102) and power supply
  • 16GB Class 10 SD Card (see Xilinx recommended list) Note: Other than Class 10 is recommended for 2017.1 and 2017.2 builds (e.g. Class 4).
  • Cables: Ethernet, DP, (2) Micro USB.
  • Vivado License with Vivado System Edition, UltraScale Plus Family with Bitgen (for SD, PL, R5)
  • TI MSP-FET (for MSP430 programming)
Note: Note: The exception is MSP430 version May 17th 2017, which is incompatible.