Basic Operations

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  1. Power Off Suspend will be invoked only upon the last PM master goes into suspend mode.
  2. All on-chip peripherals are not active when going into suspend:
    1. If the APU is running Linux, then Linux will save and restore peripheral running states.
    2. Any bare-metal APU and RPU applications are responsible for saving and restoring context and peripheral states. (That is, not provided by Xilinx.)
  3. One or more PM master may enable the POWER_ON wake-up source, but only the last running CPU (APU or RPU) can initiate Power Off Suspend. On power-up, the PM masters who enabled the POWER_ON wake-up source will be woken up
  4. In order to enable Power off suspend every active master must disable all on-chip wake sources and at least one master must enable the POWER_ON wake-up source.
  5. FSBL may run from APU or RPU. The APU and RPU will be powered up on resume regardless in order to execute the FSBL.
  6. User must power down PL before invoking Power Off Suspend. User application is responsible for resuming the IPs running in the PL.