Configuration Changes

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date
  • PMU uses some DDR space in order to save system state information before entering Power Off Suspend. Currently PMU saves system state information at DDR address 0x07000000. In order to support Power Off Suspend this memory region can't be used by any other master in system. For that purpose there is change in Linux device tree which mark 1MB of memory starting at 0x0700000 as reserved in order to prevent Linux of using it. Baremetal users must ensure that their app is not using this memory region. Detailed usage of memory is listed here:
    • 256KB for OCM.
    • 256KB for TCM.
    • At most 128KB for PMU RAM, however only data and bss sections are saved
  • Added srdata section in PFW linker script, used to store all PFW data required for resuming DDR operation.
  • QSPI device must be enabled in hardware design file.
  • ENABLE_POS build flag is required for PFW.
  • ENABLE_POS build flag is required for FSBL.
  • GPO section in configuration object must set default state of MIO34 pin to 1 in order to support requesting LPD power down.