Debugging PMUFW

Zynq UltraScale plus MPSoC Power Management

Release Date

Debug prints are disabled by default in PMUFW. For debugging power/clock related issues, it would be useful to enable prints, particularly for the PM calls in PMUFW. This can be achieved by setting the following build flags:


Enable debug logging and prints


Enables dumping clock and PLL state functions


Enables debug functions for PM


This enables print based debug functions for PM module. Possible values are:

1: Alerts

2: Errors

3: Warnings

4: Information

Note that enabling PM debug prints may cause cluttering of prints in some cases due to both Linux and PMUFW printing to the same UART. This can be solved by using different UARTs for Linux and PMUFW. The UART used by PMUFW should be disabled in Linux device tree so that Linux doesn’t interfere with the settings.

More details on the PMUFW debug flags are provided at :