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Versal ACAP System Monitor Architecture Manual (AM006)

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To accommodate diverse needs of a system, the ADC has many operating modes. The ADC can accommodate channels of different voltage scales, external measurement modes, and data types (i.e., temperature and voltage). To simplify the user interface, the ADC has been designed to internally accommodate different use cases and store the captured data in the common floating-point format scaled to the appropriate value.

In VersalĀ® architecture, the SYSMON result register stores all external and internal voltage measurements in a floating-point format that contains sign and format bits, a pair of exponent offset bits, and 16 bits of ADC data. This eliminates the need to apply transfer functions or to understand the scale of the ADC data and allows a common format to be used for all voltage measurements.

The SYSMON stores internal temperature sample results in a fixed-point format already transferred from the sensor's voltage format to degrees Celsius. The fixed-point format leverages a fixed seven fractional bits format to provide a signed result in degrees Celsius.

See Analog Channels for details on the various data format types stored in the memory-mapped registers.