I2C or PMBus Interface

Versal ACAP System Monitor Architecture Manual (AM006)

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The SYSMON provides two different external command interfaces. Although I2C and PMBus modes leverage similar I2C transport structures, PMBus mode leverages the standard PMBus command interface. The SYSMON I2C and PMBus address and MIO/EMIO pin locations are configurable through the Control, Interface, and Processing IP and allows access to the SYSMON.
Important: I2C/PMBUS restrictions for designs that use 2.5V or 3.3V on banks 500 and 501 exist for all package and speed grade combinations of VC1902, VC1802, VM1802, VM1302, VM1402. See Versal AI Core Series Production Errata (EN313) and Versal Prime Series Production Errata (EN314) for more details.
Several Slave Addresses are reserved by both I2C and SMBUS standards and should not be configured for I2C or PMBUS control interface. These addresses are defined in the following table. The SYSMON I2C/PMBus interfaces are not available before the SYSMON is configured. The SYSMON address can only be configured in the Control, Interface, and Processing IP.
Important: Neither I2C nor PMBus interfaces are active before the SYSMON is configured to enable the interface.
Table 1. Reserved I2C/PMBUS Slave Addresses
Reserved Address Standard
000 0XXX 0x00 - 0x07 I2C and SM Bus
000 1000 0x08 SM Bus
000 1001 0x09 SM Bus
000 1011 0x0B SM Bus
000 1100 0x0C SM Bus
010 1000 0x28 SM Bus
010 1100 0x2C SM Bus
011 0111 0x37 SM Bus
100 00XX 0x40 - 0x43 SM Bus
100 0100 0x44 SM Bus
110 0001 0x61 SM Bus
111 1XXX 0x78 - 0x7F I2C and SMBUS