Over-Temperature Shutdown

Versal ACAP System Monitor Architecture Manual (AM006)

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When the device temperature exceeds a user-defined temperature threshold, the over-temperature (OT) alarm becomes active. When OT shutdown is enabled, the OT alarm in the PMC asserts to indicate over-temperature condition has occurred. The OT_TEMP_TH_LOWER and OT_TEMP_TH_UPPER registers dictate thresholds while the ALARM_CONFIG register controls the alarm behavior. For additional details on these registers and associated drivers, see the SYSMON Registers section and refer to the SYSMON_PMC module in the Versal ACAP Register Reference (AM012).

Important: Starting in Vivado 2021.2, the error response to the OT shutdown alarm is set by the CIPS wizard. By default, the CIPS asserts SRST when the OT alarm is asserted.