Temperature Data Format

Versal ACAP System Monitor Architecture Manual (AM006)

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The SYSMON leverages the Q fixed-point number format to provide a signed temperature value stored in the Celsius scale. Temperature information is stored in the 16 least significant bits of the register in a Q8.7 signed format. The Q8.7 format consists of a sign bit, 8 integer bits, and 7 fractional bits.

Note: The SYSMON temperature results are automatically converted to Celsius. There is no scaling or transfer function. See the following figure.
Figure 1. Temperature Data Format

The following equations show converting the SYSMON format between decimal and the Q8.7 format SYSMON uses for both temperature readings and alarms.

Converting 71.875C Q8.7 Temperature Format to Decimal

0010 0011 1111 00002 = 920010 = 920010V ÷ 27 = 71.87510C

Converting 71.857V Decimal to Q8.7 Temperature Format

71.87510 C × 27 = 920010 = 0010 0011 1111 00002 C