Access Checking Operations

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.5 English

An incoming read or write request on a port is checked against each XMPU region as described in this section.

Tip: When a memory space is included in more than one XMPU region, the higher region number has higher priority (that is, region 0 has the lowest priority). This determines the set of permissions used for the checks described in this section.

For the enabled regions, two checks are done:

  • The AXI_ADDR address is within the region: START_ADDR ≤ AXI_ADDR ≤ END_ADDR.
  • The incoming AXI_SMID is allowed by the SMID_xx registers: AXI_SMID & [MASK] == [SMID] & [MASK].

If these checks are true, then the region configuration is checked with regards to security and read and write permissions.

Note: Disabled regions do not grant permissions.