ClkMon Interrupts

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

The ClkMon generates two types of interrupts for each of the eight channels for a total of 16 status interrupt bits in the clock monitor status register (CLK_ISR):

  • Out of range error: RANGEx_ERR (also known as MONx_ERR)
  • Internal counter overflow: CNTRx_ERR (also known as CNTAx_OVER_ERR)

The status register reflects the raw status state. It is masked by the ClkMon interrupt mask register (CLK_IMR). The mask register bits are set and cleared by the interrupt disable and enable registers, respectively.

Monitored Clock Out of Range Error

If the clock frequency exceeds or falls below the limits of the threshold register settings, then the monitor clock out of range interrupt is generated.

Internal Counter Overflow Error

An internal register counts the number of clocks detected during the base time period. This is compared against the threshold register settings.

If the internal counter overflows, the counter overflow error interrupt bit is set. When this occurs, the base time period needs to be reduced, which can be done by entering a smaller ClkMon base register value, or using the faster PMC_IRO_CLK as a base clock reference.