Data Transfer Block Buffer

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The transfer buffer is dual-ported between the DMA units attached to the AXI and read and write I/O interfaces. Transfers are broken down into a data block size. The minimum size is 512 bytes and the maximum is 2 KB. For maximum performance, the buffer must be twice the maximum block size being transferred to enable pipelining.

During a write transaction from the system memory to the TX interface, data is stored in the transfer buffer. When a block of data is written into the buffer (done), the TX interface then sends it out onto the I/O interface. The DMA controller can continue to fetch additional blocks of data if the transfer buffer has space. During a read transaction from the RX interface to system memory, data is stored in the transfer buffer.

The data stored from the RX interface is not committed until the CRC checking is performed. When an RX block of data is available in the transfer buffer, the SDMA or ADMA transfers this data to system memory via the AXI master interface. Meanwhile, the RX interface can receive the next block of data, provided there is space available in the transfer buffer (the block memory size is less than half the available transfer buffer memory size for RX transactions).

  • Issue a read wait command to the I/O interface (if supported by the external device)
  • Stop the SDx_CLK signal