Error Accumulator Modules

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The system error accumulator modules are programmed to generate one or more system signal activities.

  • PMC Error Status Registers
    • Generate PMC IRQ interrupt to PLM
    • Assert ERROR_OUT output pin (PIN)
    • Assert system reset (SRST)
    • Assert internal POR
    • Most error in the JTAG controller error register, listed in ERROR_STATUS Register
  • PSM Error Status Registers
    • General IRQ handler in PSM firmware
    • Correctable IRQ handler in PSM firmware
    • Uncorrectable IRQ handler in PSM firmware
  • System error signals are also routed to the PL

After the system error is latched, they are routed so they can generate one or more actions.

Figure 1. System Error Accumulator Modules