Error Status Register Mapping

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The system errors are accumulated in several memory-mapped registers and the JTAG error status register.

The error types with cross-referencing between the memory-mapped and JTAG error status registers are shown in the following table.

Table 1. Error Status Register Mapping
Error Type JTAG Error Status bits Register Reference Link Notes
System errors routed to PLM firmware 31:0 PMC_ERR2_STATUS

From several sources:
RCU, PLM, CFU, DDR, NoC, AI Engine, SYSMON, PL, and NPI.
See Note 1 for PLM_RTCA registers.

General software error code for PLM 93:64 PMC_GSW_ERR Data field. CR and NCR flags.
PLM minor error code 109:94 PMC_FW_ERR Written by the PLM firmware.
PLM major error code 123:110
BootROM last error code (LEC) detected 135:124 PMC_BOOT_ERR

See list in BootROM Error Code Table section.
Written by the RCU BootROM code.

BootROM first error code (FEC) detected 147:136
reserved 159:148 - reserved
System errors routed to PSM firmware na PSM_ERR1_STATUS

From several sources:
PS software, OCM, APU, RPU, GIC, clocks, CPM, LPD, FPD, and XRAM.

  1. The value of the system error bits are stored in two PLM_RTCA registers ( PMC_ERROR_STATUS_1 and PMC_ERROR_STATUS_2 ) before the status is updated.