High-speed TX Clocking

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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For clock frequencies greater than 25 MHz, the DLL generates the clock for the TX interface that drives the command and data output signals.

  • DLL_IO_CLK to the SCLK clock output pad
  • DLL_TX_CLK to the TX interface for clocking-out the command and data output pads

The DLL_TX_CLK does not affect the SCLK output.

The timing of the DLL_TX_CLK relative to the DLL_IO_CLK is adjusted using a 180-tap unit. The TX tap for DLL_TX_CLK is selected by the SD_eMMC [sel] bit field. The clock frequency determines the number of useful taps.

  • 200 MHz: 8 taps
  • 100 MHz: 15 taps
  • 50 MHz: 30 taps
  • 33 MHz: 45 taps

Example programming values are shown in DLL Programming Example.