I2C Monitor Mode

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The monitor mode helps to monitor when the attached controller is in the busy state. The ready interrupt occurs only when it is not busy. This process can only be performed in manager mode.

  1. Select the monitor mode and clear the FIFOs. Write 60h to the Control register.
  2. Clear the interrupts. Read and write back the read value to the ISR status register.
  3. Enable the interrupts. Set the IER [SLV_RDY] bit = 1.
  4. Set the monitor delay. Write Fh to the Slave_Mon_Pause register.
  5. Write the address. Write the address to the Address register.
  6. Wait for the slave to be ready. Poll on ISR [SLV_RDY] status register bit until = 1.