Interconnect Features

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The interconnect has dedicated 128, 256 and also 512-bit AXI channel connections between the subsystems. These include low-latency datapaths and high-throughput datapaths with buffering. There are also noteworthy datapaths.

The interconnect optimizes the performance of the RPU and APU. The interconnect port connections are shown in PMC-PS-CPM Interconnect Diagram and listed in this section.

Low-latency Datapaths

  • APU to NoC: CCI connections to the NoC
  • RPU to NoC: AXI egress port on OCM switch
  • RPU to OCM: AXI egress port on OCM switch
  • RPU to its TCMs: two cycle access with deterministic execution

High-throughput Datapaths

Popular high-throughput datapaths:

  • APU to NoC with four CCI egress ports
  • RPU to NoC with main switch egress port
  • LPD DMA to FPD main switch

Noteworthy Datapaths

  • APU to CCI to FPD main switch to OCM switch to OCM and XRAM (optional)