LPD Functional Units

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The following table lists the LPD functional units.

Table 1. LPD Functional Units
Unit Description Links
Compute Resources and Memory
RPU processor engine Dual processor cores Cortex-R5F (Arm v7R instruction set See RPU Processor Implementations for more processor-related functional units and Real-time Processing Unit for full descriptions
TCM memory RPU tightly coupled memories: three TCMs per RPU core provides a deterministic, low-latency memory space (128 KB total per core) Tightly-coupled Memories
PS manager (PSM) PSM firmware downloaded by PLM firmware for power management of the LPD and FPD Processing System Manager
OCM RAM 1 MB on-chip system memory on OCM switch On-Chip Memory
Accelerator RAM (XRAM) 4 MB, four bank memory with OCM switch and three PL interfaces Accelerator RAM
LPD DMA General purpose DMA unit with simple and linked-list functionality LPD DMA Controller
Support Units
Interconnect (INT) Switches: main, OCM, I/O peripheral, and APB Interconnect Overview
OCM_XMPU Memory protection unit for OCM port on OCM switch Xilinx Memory Protection Unit
LPD_XPPU Peripheral protection unit for accesses to I/O peripherals Xilinx Peripheral Protection Unit
SWDT System watchdog timer for software integrity monitoring System Watchdog Timers
SCNTR System counter reference for software System Timestamp
I/O Peripheral Controllers
LPD GPIO General purpose I/O controller (26 MIO channels, 32 EMIO channels) GPIO Controller
GEM Gigabit Ethernet controller Gigabit Ethernet MAC
LPD_I2Cx Two I2C Controllers I2C Controller
Test and Debug Resources
DBG_xx CoreSight