PL External FIFO Interface

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The MAC transmitter normally interfaces with the TX packet buffer and DMA. As an alternative, the PL can interface directly with the MAC transmitter. Also, the PL can receive packets directly from the MAC receiver, or receive them via the RX packet buffer. When the PL can be configured to read and write the packets, it uses 8-bit datapaths, and several control and status signals. When the external FIFO interface is selected, the PL manages the control, data, and status signals for the memory side of the packet buffers.

The descriptions of the data flows refer to the pathways between the MACs and the AXI DMA accessing system memory. However, if selected, these data flows are to the external FIFO interface instead of to the AXI DMA.

Interface Clock

The external FIFO interface is clocked by TX and RX clocks from the PL.