PMC I/O Signals

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The PMC top-level I/O connections facilitate system management. Each VersalĀ® ACAP has 67 pins associated with the PMC power domain. To support core device functions and status, 15 of these pins are dedicated I/O.

The remaining 52 pins are PMC multiplexed I/O (MIO) that support the flash peripherals used to boot the device and I/O peripherals used to provide board control functions. The PMC MIO pins are split across bank 0 (Bank_500) and bank 1 (Bank_501). Each MIO bank contains 26 I/Os.

The PMC SDIO flash controllers and I/O peripherals can use the PL HDIO instead of the PMC MIO. When the PMC peripherals use the PL HDIO they are called extended MIO (EMIO). EMIO require the PMC, LPD, and PL power domains to be powered because the PMC EMIO signals route through the LPD.

For more information on the PMC I/O, see Signals, Interfaces, Pins, and Controls.

Figure 1. PMC I/O