PMC and PS Interconnect

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The PMC and PS are coupled together with interfaces to the PL and CPM. Several 128-bit AMBA® interfaces exist between the PS and the PL:

  • LPD and FPD each have AXI ports to the PL
  • PL has three host ports to the PS with two-way or I/O coherency with the APU L2 cache
  • PL has two host ports to the LPD and FPD main switches
  • The PS has pathways to the CPM
  • The CPM has a channel to the SMMU TCU3 that connects to the FPD CCI AXI4-Lite port

The main switches in the PMC, LPD, and FPD are shown in the PMC-PS-CPM Interconnect Diagram.