Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

When the receiver is idle (UARTRXD continuously 1, in the marking state) and a Low is detected on the data input (a start bit has been received), the receive counter, with the clock enabled by Baud16, begins running and data is sampled on the eighth cycle of that counter in UART mode, or the fourth cycle of the counter in SIR mode to allow for the shorter logic 0 pulses (half way through a bit period).

The start bit is valid if UARTRXD is still Low on the eighth cycle of Baud16, otherwise a false start bit is detected and it is ignored. When a valid start bit is detected, successive data bits are sampled on every 16th cycle of Baud16 (that is, one bit period later according to the programmed length of the data characters. The parity bit is then checked if parity mode was enabled.

A valid stop bit is confirmed if UARTRXD is High, otherwise a framing error has occurred. When a full word is received, the data is stored in the receive FIFO, with any error bits associated with that word.